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we're watching your system*
* to keep you online, and to keep your information secure

Standard Support Services
(All levels)

  • Monitoring system logs and notifying of problems
  • Monitoring system activity
  • Checking correct operation of daemon processes
  • Monitoring for errant processes
  • Notification of performance problems
  • Monitoring modem and printer status
  • Monitoring mail and print queues
  • Providing time synchronization (NTP) service
  • Off-site (or remote) management of external DNS
  • Monitoring connectivity

Optional Support Services

  • Monitoring system resources (messages queues, share memory, etc.)
  • Document important configuration data off-site
  • Monitoring hardware health status (where available)
  • Monitoring UPS status
  • Monitoring mail and print queues
  • Monitoring system accounting
  • Checking for full (or near full) filesystems
  • Backing-up critical files off-site
  • Monitoring disk usage and maintaining a "hogs" list
  • Purging core files and other unused files
  • Performing periodic filesystem checks and reports
  • Checking password integrity
  • Automated audit (with COPS, Satan, Tripwire, etc.)

System Administration Support

In addition to monitoring and maintenance assistance, Starnix's support services can help speed and simplify a broad range of administrative tasks.


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