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Network Support

The Starnix support team provides comprehensive monitoring and maintenance for all systems including Linux, Unix, Mac, and Microsoft Windows.

The Starnix Support Package

All support customers receive:

  • Installation of the IMONIT, a monitoring server that connects to your network and notifies us (and you) immediately as problems happen
  • Immediate notification of problems by e-mail, fax or pager (as applicable) -- response time varies depending on the level of service, as quickly as within one hour
  • Ongoing security monitoring -- we'll routinely check your publicly-accessible Internet services for open doors and holes that could be exploited
  • Access to some of the best talent anywhere, with a trusted track record of service to businesses of many sizes.

What's covered?
Unix: Solaris, UnixWare, AIX, HP/UX, OpenServer
Linux: Red Hat, Ubuntu, SuSE, Mandriva, Debian
Windows: 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT (internet and file/print services), 95/98 (partial monitoring)



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