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What's the value of complete peace of mind? Starnix provides that level of comfort; for years the company has been providing mission-critical 24/7/365 care, monitoring and maintenance for commercial computer systems of all kinds. More than a mere help desk, Starnix offers proactive support to help identify small problems before they become big ones. Available in a number of levels for networks of all sizes and needs, Starnix support offers expertise when and where you most need it.

Comprehensive System Support

At Starnix you can rely on some of the best systems and security expertise, covering a broad range of hardware platforms and operating systems. Starnix staff are routinely recognized for their expertise in e-business, open systems and open source experience. Some companies have staff who are certified to offer support; Starnix helped invent the certification process.

Starnix's support offerings are further enhanced by use of the IMONIT monitoring and reporting facility. The IMONIT server, which is installed on networks being monitored, constantly performs support checks on the connected systems, every hour of every day. Starnix receives immediate alerts when systems aren't working properly, and can often solve the problems before they're discovered by normal users. Maximum uptime, reduced headaches and increased productivity come easily from a well maintained and supported network.

Call Tracking
Support calls in progress are routinely tracked to ensure that each issue receives the best solution in the least time possible. Starnix support clients are able to talk to experienced technicians immediately, speeding the time to report and resolve problems.

Based on monitoring and analysis, we'll suggest and implement ways to fine-tune your network to keep it running at top performance.

Support Features
Starnix support includes a number of features you won't find with conventional help desk services:

  • Checking on the availability and applicability of software and security updates, and installation of software updates as required;
  • Running of regular security scans on internal and external Internet services, checking for vulnerabilities and susceptibility to break-in;
  • Assistance with design, integration and configuration of new facilities as they're introduced into your network.

Starnix Support Services
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