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Not everyone likes to solder their own circuit boards. And not everyone wants to program their own e-commerce servers, either. Combining the peace of mind of managed systems together with their versatility and cost effectiveness, Starnix Managed Services (StarMS) provides outstanding value and a solution that can grow with you.

Managed Servers

Using StarMS, a company receives appropriate server equipment and software, as well as full-time tech support, system configuration and management from Starnix.

Complementing the Starnix support is its IMONIT system, which monitors the StarMS equipment night and day. Even if your Internet service goes down, Starnix staff are paged by IMONIT, and working immediately to get and keep your systems at full strength.

StarMS offers the best of all worlds -- the convenience and security of onsite Internet services and hosting, as well as a trusted company to stand behind these services and configure them exactly as you want.

24/7/365 Rapid Response
StarMS provides all the services needed to provide web, email, fax, browsing and file sharing; Starnix firewalls and security services will help protect it all. StarMS combines hardware, software, and Starnix's 24/7/365 rapid response technical support, to provide solutions that are customtailored to the needs of each business, at pricing competitive to the cookie-cutter "solutions". Using StarMS means that your Internet needs are served by some of the best servers and support staff in the business. You won't need to learn technobabble every time you want to change a setting on your servers. And you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your StarMS is being constantly checked by Starnix's IMONIT(TM) monitoring system. We'll be on top of any problem as soon as it happens, reducing downtime and leaving you to let StarMS help build your business.

Customized Solutions
The StarMS approach to e-commerce simply can't be matched by canned servers, which don't provide complete solutions. Canned systems require training and monitoring, using resources most companies don't have or can't spare.

Critical server systems cannot simply be installed once and then ignored. Our approach offers clients the full power of these systems without requiring them to learn how to configure, maintain or watch over their e-commerce. This out-sourcing of systems management offers a cost-effective way to stay current with security and other software updates, which are becoming increasingly critical given the changing nature of the Internet.

StarMS is available for the following e-business needs:

  • Web/e-commerce Server: Uses the world's most popular web server, Apache
  • Communications Server: Fast, secure DNS and mail delivery, with optional virus scanning
  • File/backup Server: Supports both Windows and Unix protocols
  • Caching Server: Speeds web browsing and offers "surfing control"

Full redundancy (with automatic failover) is available for any system requiring maximum availability.

Get the best solutions, that won't force you to take lessons in geek-speak. Take back control of your systems.


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