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Whether it's a major multi-developer programming project or just some quick advice, Starnix has the talent and resources needed to do the work on time and on budget. And doing projects right the first time reduces headaches and allows realistic goals to be met.

Software Development

Starnix excels at building solid, secure and flexible business computing infrastructures. Working with existing vendors or starting from scratch, we can make most existing networks more secure, more reliable, and more scalable. Our solutions are as unique as our customers.

Our goal is to offer the most flexible and cost-effective options, providing networks that are scalable, stable, and supportable. We'll use existing equipment wherever practical, and minimize migration headaches. Sometimes fine tuning an existing installation is enough -- we won't recommend more technology than you need.

Programming and development: We choose the right tools, and when possible work with what you're already using. We provide fair and realistic quotes, and we have a track record of finishing projects when we say we will, always with the high quality standards for which Starnix is known by its clients.

We make it our business to keep on top of the rapidly-changing advances in the state of computing. This ensures that only the most current, and most appropriate techniques and applications are used. And Starnix's extensive backgrounds in both systems analysis and programming ensures that these technologies are used effectively and efficiently.

Areas of Expertise

  • EDI
  • E-commerce
  • Software development
  • Infrastructure design
  • Open source consulting
  • Security policy & design
  • Inter-Platform Porting

Starnix's services are all about Quality, Efficiency and Reliability. Our quotes are reasonable and our time estimates actually resemble reality. We're driven by the desire to give our clients what they need, when they need it, with no surprises. Call us and find out how this desire can work for your next systems project.


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