VAR Solutions  


With over the 15 years of working with just about every kind of computer system used in business environments, we know what works and what doesn't.

Starnix offers a range of products designed to get the most out of your information management systems. Professionally configured and supported, these components can comprise either a single part of a corporate network, or an entire system of servers, desktops and firewalls.

VAR Solutions

Starnix's line of Internet servers offers equivalent or better performance at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. Starnix servers cover a broad range of customer needs:

The fully customizable solution keeps unwanted traffic out of any network. Optional Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) use the Internet to connect multiple offices as one large network, fully secured and encrypted.

File/Print/Backup Server:
Reliable and high-performance servers to manager customers' storage needs

Proxy/Cache Server:
Phenomenally faster web access for frequently-used sites. Also monitors and logs all web accesses, to protect against employee misuse or harassment problems.

Internet Server:
Maximum-performance facilities are provided for sending, receiving and processing Internet email. Includes powerful facilities for mailing lists, Intranets, and spam detection. DNS services provide Internet name-to-IP address resolution. Other network services such as time synchronization are also available.

Fax Server:
A single fax system can be shared by everyone on a network; Unlimited clients on a single license. Supports multiple fax lines shared between incoming and outgoing, selective calling times, and automated batch faxing (invoice runs, etc.)

Most of the Starnix server packages (except for the firewalls) can be combined on a single computer system. As well, their features can be custom-tailored to any specific customer need. The servers are backed by Starnix -- Canada's recognized leader in Linux system support and services.


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